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Associate Networks

Following associate sub-divisions are part of The Institute of Doctors Engineers and Scientists; to promote and focus on the different subject and R&D activities.

  1. Association of Computer Electrical Electronics and Communication Engineering (ACEECOM
  2. Association of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineers (AMAE)
  3. Association of Civil and Environmental Engineers (ACEE)
  4. Association of Medical and Dental Doctors (AMDD)
  5. Royal Society for Physicists and Scientists (RSPS)
  6. Royal Society for Chemists and Scientists (RSCS)
  7. Royal Society for Mathematicians and Researchers (RSMR)
  8. International Association for Managers and Economists (IAME)
  9. International Royal Council for Lawyers (IRCL)
  10. International Association of Arts & Science (IAAS)
Associate Networks



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